Register to vote in November 3rd:

This November, we can vote to guarantee clean and water as a right in New York.

In February 2021,

the NY State Legislature passed a bill allowing New Yorkers to vote to amend the New York State Constitution’s Bill of Rights to include a right to clean air and water and a healthful environment during the next general election on November 3rd.


If passed, it would require businesses and state and local governments to make better decisions going forward when they need to approve projects that might potentially cause pollution.

Clean air and water is important for our environment and our communities.

The idea for the amendment came after the water crisis in Hoosick Falls in eastern New York, where the chemical PFOA, perfluorooctanoic acid, used to make nonstick cooking pots and pans, had seeped into drinking water from the former Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics plant.

Recent water contamination incidents and ongoing concerns about air quality have highlighted the importance of clean drinking water and air as well as the need for additional protections. Several other states have constitutional protections in place to ensure access to clean air and water, including Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Massachusetts and Montana.

No one should have to worry if their air and water are safe.

Will you pledge to vote in November in favor of making water and clean air a right in New York?

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